Some news

Some news concerning not the elections but my remake of Airwolf on Amstrad soberly called:

    AIRWOLF 2022: tribute to the amstrad CPC game.

Completed levels 1, 2 and 3. Level 3 boss is fully developed (pattern etc.).

In general, the game engine runs pretty well.

I'm doing level 4 which will be the last (yes yes there are 5 hostages to deliver hey hey).

I still have to do:

    Tweaking the game engine.

    Finish level 4.

    Set up texts with pnj etc. for the story.

    Set up an intro and an end (we'll see if I can do it with the cutscenes)

    Make a note worthy of the name, with history, controls, credits etc.

Where I'm struggling and I need to improve is composing the music/sounds and doing the graphics so that the game is less monotonous (I'm really not very good at the artistic and I'm starting from scratch).

Below are some progress photos.

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